We don't just HAVE Philly in our name we ARE Philly in our hearts and history. My Dad opened his first "Five-And Dime" back in the 1960's. Boy, you could get just about anything, if you could find it. Some of my fondest memories include him bringing home fresh Soft Pretzels, candy, and milkshakes on a Saturday night for my Mom and I to enjoy while watching the Carol Burnett show. Like many kids, I needed to work odd jobs to earn a few extra bucks, especially since my $15 weekly allowance wasn't quite enough to live comfortably. For many weekends, I'd grab a couple of friends and we would drive to the local Wholesale Pretzel Bakery, buy a couple hundred Pretzels, and set up a table at the local Shopping Center. Since it was the weekend, and we had things to do, places to go, and stuff to waste our money on, thankfully our Pretzels sold out in just a few hours. But that's just how Philadelphians are about our priorities. 

It doesn't matter where you grew up (well....) but it's the food, music, family, friends, and memories that shape who we are today. My experience is that good food is just that. If our Soft Pretzels initiate warm and fuzzy feelings of your childhood that would be AMAZING! If not, that's quite alright just as long as you let us indulge you with one of Philly's favorite and iconic food groups. And yes, we're happy to talk about Rocky, Cheesesteaks, Hoagies, and Wooder (water) Ice all day long.   This is for you Dad!   

Classic Rocky!

       No need to run for Pretzels....just contact us!

Pretzel Day-The Office

        NEVER "Chat and cut" on Pretzel Day!

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